Types of Anxiety Disorders

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The group of the neuroses, connected with the unjustified and destabilizing feeling of fear and stress without any specific reason, is called anxiety disorders.

There are different forms of the anxiety disorders:

  • Agoraphobia. Fear to be in the situation in which it is difficult to get help from other people and from which it is hard to escape. For example: on the bridge or in the crowd, in the trolley bus, subway. It is frequently accompanied by panic disorder.
  • Panic disorder. Sudden groundless intensive fear, which reaches maximum during several minutes and not connected with the frightening situations or the objects. Frequent symptoms - fear to become insane, to lose composure, fear of death or something terrible, tachycardia, difficulty of respiration on the inhalation, feeling of the air shortage, assaults of faintness and vertigo. Frequently patients with the panic disorder are diagnosed with vegetovascular disease and the assaults of panic are thought of as "vegetovascular (or diencephalic) crises".
  • Specific (isolated) phobia. Strong fear of the specific object or situation, for example, of height, mice, spiders.
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder. Obtrusive agonizing thoughts, which interfere with normal living. Frequently they lead to the obtrusive actions and rituals. Example of it are excessive fear of germs or infectious diseases, which leads to the continuous washing of hands; repetition of the same name or word over and over; repeated rechecking of closed door, switched off oven, closed window, etc.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder. Frequently it is developed in patients, who survived the threatening life situations or catastrophes (military actions, emergency on nuclear station, car wreck, etc.). It is characterized by steadfast painful recollections, increased excitability, irritability and flashes of anger, disturbance of sleep.
  • Generalized anxiety disorder. Common symptoms are feelings of tension, uneasiness and worrying about forthcoming troubles in the upcoming events. Frequent symptoms - excessive muscle tension, irritability, problems with sleep and chronic fatigue. It is frequently accompanied by depression.
  • Social phobia. It is characterized by expressed fear to be in the center of attention or fear to behave in a way causing confusion or humiliation in the specific situations. The most typical situations are communication with others or consumption of food in the public places, a random encounter of familiar persons in public, stay in the small groups (for example on the parties, meetings, in the classroom), etc.
  • Disorder of adaptation. It is described as a state of subjective distress and emotional uneasiness that prevents normal activity and appears during the adaptation to the significant change in life or stressful event.

>Anxiety disorders are very frequent. In general practice patients with anxiety disorders are encountered more frequently than patients with diabetes mellitus and bronchial asthma together. 9% of the population in the world simultaneously has some anxiety disorder, and during lifetime anxiety disorder develops almost in 25% of people.

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