Anxiety and Stress. When it is normal and when it is not.

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Anxiety is a vague unpleasant emotional state which is characterized by the expectation of the unfavorable course of events, by the presence of bad presentiments, fear, stress and uneasiness. Anxiety differs from fear in the fact that the anxiety state is usually pointless, while fear assumes the presence of an object, person, event or situation causing it.

Anxiety is a tendency of man toward the experience of anxiety state. Most frequently the anxiety of man is connected with the expectation of the social consequences of the success or failure. Anxiety is tightly connected with the stress. From one side emotions of an anxiety are the symptoms of stress. From the other side the initial level of anxiety determines individual sensitivity to the stress.

Like stress as a whole, anxiety state cannot be defined unambiguously as bad or good. Sometimes anxiety is natural, adequate and useful. Each person feels anxiety, uneasiness or stress in the specific situations, especially, if he/she must make something uncommon or be prepared for it. For example the appearance in front of the audience with a speech or exam. A person can experience uneasiness, going along the unlighted street at night or being lost in the unfamiliar city. This form of anxiety is normal and even useful, since it provides a stimulus to prepare for the appearance, to study the material before the examination, to think about whether it is necessary to go to street at night alone.

In other cases anxiety is unnatural, pathologic, inadequate and harmful. It becomes chronic, constant and begins to appear not only in the stressful situations but even without any visible reasons. In such cases anxiety not only does not help us but on the contrary it begins to interfere with our daily activity.

Is it necessary to treat pathologic anxiety? According to the rules of contemporary psychiatry, each person decides it on his/her own. If he/she decided to continue suffering from this unpleasant state he/she considered clinically healthy and not requiring any psychotherapeutic aid. But if person wants to increase quality of life and get rid of the pathologic anxiety he/she turns himself/herself for the help to the professional.

Cure Your Anxiety and Panic Attacks NOW! - All-Natural Method to Cure Your Panic Attacks and Anxiety Forever!

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